Hive-IO support for the Hive Utility Fabric and Atlantis products

Log cases through the portal at:
Hive-IO Atlantis Product Support Portal
This enables us to collect all of the information required to support customers in a simple web based form and track cases efficiently.

Opening support cases
Customers with active support contracts and authorized partners are able to open support cases.

Logging a support case via Telephone?
Only 24x7 support customers can open support cases via telephone, our preferred method for opening a case is through the support portal as this is the most efficient method and ensures we collect the required information to progress your case as quickly as possible. There is no difference in case priority if a  case is opened via telephone or the support portal.

Email notification when a support case is updated
Yes, updates will occur when either the customer or support representative updates the case and it is possible to reply to updates via email. You may also add additional people to receive notifications within your organization once the support case has been opened.

Problems logging  into the portal
If you are an existing customer your account was automatically created and you received a registration email from

If you are unable to find the email visit the portal and select the forgotten password link. If an account isn’t found please contact and please provide:

Email Address
Organization / Company Name

We will review and create an account.