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We deliver the power, value and agility of the Public Cloud with all the security, control and governance of the Private Cloud.

Hive-IO’s proprietary stack offers a complete end-to-end software defined infrastructure.
This is the most cost effective solution in the industry based on the largest private cloud deployment today. We offer the option to host on private or hybrid cloud at a fraction of cost as compared to our competitors.

  • We offer 0 vendor license and the least amount of compute sprawl
  • We offer one holistic solution
  • Traditional vendor sprawl, agents, services and cobbled vendor hooks add up to huge cost. We remove and average 40% of traditional waste by removing agents, services and compute sprawl.
  • We deliver on your premise or in hybrid cloud based on your needs. We also offer you the ability to manage your solution or we can manage remotely. Data never leaves premise.

Hive-IO offers this very best approach to VDI, VSI and Infrastructure.

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404 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

Telephone: +1 415 340 2089

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