Hive-IO Advantages

Hive-IO Advantages

The Hive-IO Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offers numerous distinct benefits over current approaches.

Security is baked-in:
• Network white-listing, execution white-listing, admin lockdown and inline security appliance that manages dlp, deep packet inspection and audit logging.
• Best of breed RAM based Storage acceleration.
• API support for Software Defined Storage.
• Support for all cloud compute workloads:
• VDI, VSI, GRID, Big Data and Published Applications.
• Unparalleled scale
• End-to-end guest life cycle management

Hive-IO has the ability to:
• Shrink Datacenter Storage needs by 85%.
• Utilize On-premise compute allowing customers to own their data.
• Deliver unified solution providing provisioning, lifecycle, security and remote management out-of-the-box.

Hive-IO offers this very best approach to VDI, VSI and Infrastructure.

Depth of Experience
The Hive-IO team comes with extensive experience leading the world’s largest and most successful virtual desktop and server deployed (with over 140k users). The goal of this deployment was to eliminate vendor bloat, complexity and cost. Additional expertise in IT infrastructure includes 20 years management experience leading global sales and marketing teams and providing technology solutions for financial, pharmaceutical, government verticals This includes over ten years experience building desktop devices and VDI software for the world’s largest technology providers including Lenovo, Dell, IBM and Acer.

Hive-IO Models – Private, Hybrid

Although there are many advantages to the public cloud, enterprises very rarely deploy 100% of their applications into the public cloud. Logistically, it is often much simpler to move from your on-premises environment to a private cloud than from on-premises to public cloud.

Private cloud environments can be configured to support any application, just as your datacenter currently hosts it. Private cloud is an especially attractive option if certain features in legacy applications prevent some applications from operating well in the public cloud.

Hybrid architectures are especially attractive for large organizations that want to explore the flexibility and scalability of a cloud architecture. Enterprises choose to test a single tier in the public cloud while maintaining key infrastructure on their private cloud or dedicated infrastructure.

Hive-IO is designed to support Private and Hybrid approaches.