Hive-IO Storage

Hive-IO USX intelligent software-define storage solution

With Hive-IO  USX, enterprises are able to reclaim 90% of that storage capacity on day one and extend the life of that storage system by more than 5 years before any additional hardware needs to be purchased. At that point, administrators can extend their capacity by pooling existing server direct-attached storage (DAS) with their shared storage to meet additional storage capacity needs. When all datacenter hardware is consumed, Hive-IO USX makes it possible to create Hybrid Cloud Storage that pools SAN, NAS and DAS from the datacenter with public cloud storage from Amazon S3, VMware vCloud or other cloud providers. Atlantis USX also increases the effective capacity of new storage purchases by up to ten times via its patented HyperDup™ deduplication and compression technology, further reducing storage costs.

Hive-IO Built-In Storage

These Storage Options are included in the Hive-IO Software

For Light Workloads

RAM as Primary Storage (RaaPS)

storageRAM as Primary Storage (RaaPS) is built into the Hive-IO Stack. Deduplication and compression included as a standard feature. The RaaPS includes:

  • Baremetal access to RAM
  • RAM Disk seek time 1/1000th of a millisecond
  • Suited for low latency workloads
  • RAM Disk capacity looks 2-10 times larger
  • 5 million IOPs throughput availability
  • Driver-oriented, not protocol oriented
  • Significantly different from competitors, with storage acceleration before the wire

Local Attached Storage (Hyperconverged)

  • Handoff from bare-metal single disk or RAID
  • Deduplication, compression and cache for all storage configurations
  • Disk capacity presented 2-10 times physical size
  • Disk seek time is .1 ms • 2.5 million IOPs thruput
  • Driver-oriented, not protocol oriented
  • Significantly different from competitors, storage acceleration before the wire

Hyperconverged Remote NAS (Network Attached Storage)

  • NAS Client Connectors available in Hive-IO: NFS, CIFs, Ceph
  • Used for Multi-datacenter storage, High Availability

For Enterprise Workloads

Ceph File System (RBD)

  • Ceph Client plugs into Ceph Open Source Ecosystem
  • Can be configured to consumes S3 blocks, CEPH RBD
  • Can be configured to allow local Ceph nodes on HiveIO Fabric to discover other nodes in cluster
  • Creates a high available storage fabric ecosystem with deduplication, compression and caching (access time maximum .1 ms and requires ½ traditional disk space)
  • No latency (like with NAS) as everything looks like a local write
  • Perfect for large, complex workloads (HADOOP, Oracle, MS DB, Data Archive)
  • Partner with HiveIO Live migration to create most cost effective solution
  • Redundant ubiquitous storage – can grow as needed

Amazon Gateway Appliance

  • Mounted inside Hive-IO as a NFS
  • Read/ Write as S3 block and sent to S3 storage
  • Encrypted end-to-end to and from Amazon
  • If total failure occurs, Hive-IO offered a 1 h RTO resulting in no data loss
  • S3 encrypted per client
  • Using HiveIO read/write, compression, deduplication and redundancy across public and private internet
  • Dark storage everywhere
  • Full VDI and VSI workloads
  • Heavy Hadoop and Oracle workloads
  • Cost, throughput and availability are where we market and compete
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