Hive-IO Storage

Hive-IO Storage

RAM as Primary Storage (RaaPS)

storageRAM as Primary Storage (RaaPS) is built into the Hive-IO Stack. By default, all guests are afforded a C- Drive/ SDA on local Ram Disk. Additionally, all local disk storage requests are de-duplicated and compressed before transmission to the local disk. This flattens and minimizes disk latency, which then support excellent kernel latency. Factually speaking, cloud infrastructure is defined by its weakest link: storage. This is the main reason Hive-IO builds RaaPS into the Fabric Appliances by default.

Callout RaaPS architecture using RAM as a primary storage model eliminates the dependency on the storage controllers thus removing the bottlenecks completely.

Key benefits of RaaPS
• Drastically reduces the cost, complexity and risk of sizing guests. This attribute supports ease of deploying and managing storage infrastructure within any cloud stack.
• RaaPS removes cloud guest storage CAPEX and OPEX by up to 80% by drastically reducing storage requirements by up to 85% and all kernel latency.
• RaaPS drastically increase guest performance enabling faster boot of virtual instances and near instant app launches.
• RaaPS guarantees every guest 18,000+ IOPS.

Download the Hive-IO Reference Architecture