Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure


The Hive-IO hyper-converged infrastructure tightly integrates storage, compute, networking and server virtualization resources in the same box and natively integrates compute and storage into a single x86-based server deployed in scale-out clusters. It reduces power and space, and dramatically eliminates storage complexity.

This stands in contrast to a traditional converged infrastructure, where each of these resources is typically handled by a discrete component that serves a singular purpose.

Benefits of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Systems
Hyper-converged infrastructure systems are designed to offer the following benefits:

• Elimination of infrastructure silos and the need for discrete components
• Data processing with a single-policy engine
• Creation of a virtualization-ready environment with highly efficient scalability
• Shift in management paradigm from a hardware approach to an application-focused one, with centralized management, policies and mobility conducted at the virtual machine level
• Potential CapEx and OpEx Cost savings resulting from streamlined acquisition, deployment, management and support costs as well as reduced complexity, interoperability issues and operational expenses

Download the Hive-IO Reference Architecture