Software Defined Infrastructure

Hive-IO Software-Defined Computing

Unified Platform for VDI, Servers and Infrastructure

Hive-IO provides a complete software-defined compute platform that offcomputeers the power of cloud computing on your premises and at a small fraction of the cost of individual components. Hive-IO is a complete solution that includes, VDI, virtualized servers, infrastructure, storage, and security with built-in and interoperable provisioning, lifecycle management, guest and host security and remote management capabilities.

Harness the power of the cloud, in your data center and on your terms

Hive-IO delivers the entire stack required for a cloud compute service in one cohesive environment. The Hive-IO platform is fully compatible with your on-premises data center, and includes infrastructure, disaster recovery, and various applications as service offerings.

Hive IO offers a unified architecture that:

  • Runs off a bare metal install
  • Removes 30% of the typical hardware requirements with hyper-converged equipment
  • Eliminates vendor layer complexity

Price and Performance

When you're running infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) applications, price and performance matter.
A low-cost cloud service isn't useful if it's not powerful enough to run your apps with the performance you need. With years of experience building and leading the world’s largest and most successful virtual desktop deployments combined with building software and services offerings to the world’s leading technology providers, Hive-IO is the leading source for end-to-end solutions in software-define infrastructure and built for enterprise-class performance with:


  • Node Based Design that can scale from 100 - 1 Million guests
  • No Additional Vendor software required
  • Unified monitoring and real-time analytics
  • Complex design across multiple vendors – We offer 0 vendor license and the least amount of compute sprawl
  • Multiple licensing policies and Propriety solutions makes it hard to blend – We offer one holistic solution
  • Untenable Delivery methods – Traditional vendor sprawl, agents, services and cobbled vendorhooks add up to huge cost. We remove and average 40% of traditional waste by removing agents, services and compute sprawl.
  • Security risk and lesser flexibility & Manageability – We deliver on your premise or in hybrid cloud based on your needs. We also offer you the ability to manage your solution or we can manage remotely. The key point is data never leaves premise.